Istanbul - Izmir Highway Samanli Tunnel

Kale HEPP Regulator Settling Pool

Kale HEPP Regulator Settling Pool

Kale HEPP Loading Pool

Yalova Samanlı Tunnels

Dim Dam

Kale Hes Shaft

YALOVA Samanlı Tunnels

YALOVA Samanlı Tunnels

YALOVA Samanlı Tunnels

Dağcan Construction and Trade Company Inc.

DAĞCAN İNŞAAT VE TİCARET A.Ş. was founded in order to be active in tunnel construction sector in Ankara in 1985. With its solid structure, fast growing and developing experienced staff, strong financial structure; it has become one of Turkey’s leading companies. It has made many important projects, national and international, possible with its sufficient machinery and equipment. It is also continue with the construction of multiple ongoing prestige projects.


Our company aims to keep a lot of subjects that have quality management certificates constantly renewed at the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Drill group, group loader, excavator group, they backhoe loader, crane group and a lot of our work is to be used among other things of a large machine park.

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